OCF 32′/10m and 16′/5m Straight Cords For Canon ETTL

Think of our OCF32 and OCF16 as extension cords for your camera’s hotshoe. These cord are designed so that the pins on the camera-end match the pin formation on a Canon Speedlite. Likewise, the flash-end of the cord provides a duplicate of the hotshoe connections found on your Canon camera.

Our OCF cords carry the full E-TTL communication between your Canon camera and your Canon Speedlite. Other cords, such as the common PC-Sync cord, cannot carry the E-TTL communication and, hence, only fire your Speedlite in manual mode. With our OCF cords, you can fire your Speedlite in any mode that is normally available:

  • E-TTL (Canon’s automatic mode)
  • Manual
  • Multi/Stroboscopic.

A unique feature to the Canon Speedlite system is that you can control the Speedlite from the LCD of your camera (provided that you have a 40D or newer camera and a 580EX II, 430EX II, 320EX, or 270 EX II). With an OCF cord, you can put your Speedlite in hard-to-reach spots (like inside a softbox) and control it from the back of your camera. You can switch between E-TTL and Manual and then change the power of your Speedlite from your camera. You can even change the Zoom setting on your Speedlite from your camera!

The OCF cord will expand the reach of your master Speedlite when using the Canon built-in wireless system. For instance, you can move your master Speedlite to a spot where it contributes useful off-camera light to your subject. Or you can mount your master and slave Speedlites together inside the Westcott Apollo softbox and control the whole set-up from your camera. Outside, in slave-blinding sun, you can turn the slave eyes away from the sun and move the master Speedlite to a spot where the slaves can see it.

Like to shoot flash in the rain? The camera-end of our OCF cord features a weather seal just like the foot of the Canon 580EX II Speedlite. Likewise, the hotshoe-end is contoured so that the weather seal on the Speedlite fits perfectly.

So, with one Speedlite or many, the OCF32 and OCF16 cords enable you to craft light in ways that you can’t when your flash is sitting in your camera’s hotshoe.

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32′/10m E-TTL Cord for Canon – OCF32C
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16′/5m E-TTL Cord for Canon – OCF16C
$48.00 Sorry. Sold out. Expected Feb. 15, 2014.

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32′/10m E-TTL Cord for Canon – OCF32C
$65.00 Add to Cart

16′/5m E-TTL Cord for Canon – OCF16C
$48.00 Sorry. Sold out. Expected Feb. 15, 2014.

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Straight vs. coiled cords. The advantage of our straight cords over long coiled cords is that our cords will drop to the floor rather than swing through the air. So, the tripping hazard is reduced. Also, it takes little effort to extend our straight cords out to length. With a coiled cord you have to pull firmly to get it to stretch — which will likely topple your light stand. Coiled cords are great for arm’s length work, but not for long distances.

OCF33 wrapped around camera

Think of the OCF32 and OCF16 as extension cords for your camera's hotshoe. Shown above: the OCF32.

Foot of Speedlite compared to OCF cord

The metal foot of the OCF cord (right) mimics the design of the foot on a Canon 580EX II Speedlite.

Camera hotshoe compared to OCF cord hotshoe

The hotshoe on the OCF cord (right) mimics the hotshoe on Canon cameras.

OCF cord slides into camera hot shoe

Slide the large end into the camera hotshoe all the way. Be sure that the cord points towards the lens.

The bottom-half of the hotshoe end of our straight OCF cords is machined from a block of aluminum for extra strength. It features a 1/4-20 socket that threads onto any standard swivel adapter fitting. The metal tabs insure a rigid fit when slide into a coldshoe.

Sliding Speedlite into hotshoe of OCF cord

The Speedlite mounts in the hotshoe end of the OCF cord the same way that it mount into your camera's hotshoe. Be sure to slide it all the way forward.

Flash control menu on camera LCD

Most Canon cameras can display the menu of your Speedlite on the LCD monitor. With an OCF cord, this means that you can put your Speedlite in hard-to-reach places (like inside a softbox) and control it from your camera.

User Guide for OCF33 and OCF16 E-TTL Cords

Click the photo to download the PDF of the user guide for the OCF32 and OCF16 cords.

Which cord? The OCF32 provides about 20′/7m of usable length (allowing 5′/1.5m for the drop from the Speedlite to the floor and the same length for the rise from the floor to the camera). The OCF16 provides about 6′/2m of usable length — although it’s very easy to get extra reach by allowing the cord to swing in the air rather than drop to the floor.

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