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A note from Syl Arena

I have to admit that I was stunned when I tallied up how many shoots I did for the Speedliter’s Handbook with the prototype of my extra-long E-TTL cord. To see an example, click on the photo above.

Believe me, as a guy who was writing the book about Speedliting, I gathered up every bit of gear that I could: E-TTL radio triggers, manual radio triggers, optical slaves, etc. Sure, all of these other options have their place and their price. For the money, I believe that an extra-long E-TTL cord is the most versatile tool in my gear bag.

OCF Gear is a venture that I run, literally, out of my garage. Why? I took my extra-long cord idea to three companies with names you likely know. Each one said that they weren’t interested. So, when I found a company that would take my prototype and make the cords to my specifications, I decided to start selling direct.

There’s a ton on info here about these great cords and how I use them. Thanks for visiting! —Syl

OCF Cord in hotshoe

Extra-Long Off-Camera Flash Cords

NEW! Short Coiled Cord for Canon ETTL

Extra Long ETTL Cords33′/10m and 16′/5m  Straight Cords for Canon ETTL

Shoot Fuji? Zack Arias wrote about using OCF Gear cords with his Fuji cameras here.

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